Skyroom yar – اسکای روم یار Modlu Apk İndir 2022

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Skyroom yar – اسکای روم یار Modlu Apk İndir 2022

What is skyroom (اسکای روم)?
In recent years, the Corona virus has made many school and university classrooms virtual and offline, and schools and universities have used online classroom services to educate students online. You can host webinars, web conferences, online classes, private classes and online sessions with Skyroom (اسکای روم) .
Skyroom is mostly used between school and university, and the student can easily enter the classroom for free without any other application by installing the Skyroom yar mobile application .
Teachers can also use this application with skyroom yar Android .
It is very easy to enter the classroom with Skyroom yar! So install now.

Important features of SkyroomYar application:
• You can easily enter the classroom without the need for additional applications such as Chrome browser.
• Record classes and share them with your classmate on WhatsApp or Instagram.
• You can change the background image of the Skyroom (اسکای روم) login page.

Skyroom yar – اسکای روم یار Apk download

• Wherever you click on the class links on your mobile phone, you can open them directly with the SkyroomYar application.

Download the Windows version of Skyroom yar اسکای روم from skyroomyar.Com.

A few points:
You should get the bağlantı of the class or event from the organizer of your school, university or institution.
Internet usage and disconnection within the classroom is related to the Skyroom service and you should contact skyroom support.
In the next versions, we have considered better features, so be sure to install the updates.
If you have a suggestion or comment or technical sorun, be sure to register in the comment section of the software.


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